Miami Beach Mayoral Candidate Sings “I’ll Legalize Medical Weed For You”

The voters of Miami Beach will soon go to the polls to elect a new mayor and they can choose our old friend and comedian Steve Berke (who did a popular video in support of Prop. 19 last year), who, once again, is communicating to the masses through his talent and creativity.

Steve, if I lived […]

Supreme Court eviscerates 4th Amendment over marijuana smell

In a case decided yesterday, Kentucky v. King, the US Supreme Court has ruled that cops who smell marijuana coming from your home can break down your door and arrest you, just as long as they knock first and claim to have heard you destroying evidence.
They don’t need a warrant or probable cause, either.  Today […]

Alternet: ‘The Five Worst States to Get Busted With Pot’

Police prosecute over 850,000 Americans annually for violating state marijuana laws. The penalties for those busted and convicted vary greatly, ranging from the imposition of small fines to license revocation to potential incarceration. But for the citizens arrested in these five states, the ramifications of even a minor pot bust are likely to be exceptionally […]

Pot Smokers are smarter than Sophie Scott

Pot smokers still see it as harmless: study – By national medical reporter Sophie Scott

A national survey has found many people see cannabis as a soft drug, with nearly half underestimating the harmful impacts it may have.

May have? What does that mean? Cannabis may cause a shift in the space-time continuum. The […]