Odds and Ends

The October 9, 2002 Petition to Reschedule Marijuana has been officially denied by Michele Leonhart and the denial placed in the Federal Register today.

Interesting timing, given the recent DOJ letter regarding medical marijuana prosecutions. Looks like all-out federal war.

Time for our Rapid Response Team to spring into action!

From The Thinking […]

Marijuana Legalization Question Again Tops Obama Twitter Townhall

For the third consecutive time in his presidency, when the Obama Administration goes out to the general public seeking input and questions about the economy or government policies the number one topic of concern for the public: ending Cannabis Prohibition and finally re-legalizing the herb!
From the Raw Story:
“Would you consider legalizing […]

Confronted and Owned: Anti-Marijuana Zealot Bill Bennett

[Editor’s note: Bill Bennett is an insufferable and overweight hypocrite who smoked or still smokes tobacco, drank or still drinks alcohol and has a gambling addiction!]
Let states enact their own marijuana policies
By Paul Armentano, Special to CNN
July 6, 2011
(CNN) — It is hardly surprising that former drug czar William Bennett would, in his CNN.com op-ed, […]

Open Thread

I’ll be at my Dad’s for the next couple of days with no WiFi, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post.
Have fun in comments. Whenever I leave you guys alone, you get some amazing stuff going!

International Terrorist Organization Continues Efforts Towards World Domination

The INCB (International Narcotics Control Board) is an international terrorist organization with influence in more countries than al-Qaeda. It even receives material support for its activities from the U.N.

The INCB has members from around the world who meet in secret and whose stated goal is to impose their interpretation of drug treaties on […]

If it comes out of the drug czar’s mouth…

What a kidder…

The Obama Administration has made clear that science and research – not politics – should determine what is safe and effective medicine.


And, of course, he just can’t resist throwing out completely irrelevant treatment numbers.

… 150,000 people who showed up voluntarily at treatment facilities in 2009 reported marijuana […]