Is New England The New Hotbed For Marijuana Law Reform?

The northeast has historically been a hotbed for marijuana use — with five of the six New England states self-reporting some of the highest percentages of marijuana consumption in the nation. But recently New England has also become a regional leader in marijuana law reform.
Lawmakers in every New England state are now debating marijuana law […]

Open Thread

I’m taking a group of 18 college students to New York tomorrow for a week of theatre and walking tours over Spring Break. We’ll be seeing Diary of a Madman with Geoffrey Rush, How to Succeed in Business with Daniel Radcliffe and John Laroquette, the much-talked-about Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, Good People with Frances […]

When neither side has the solution in their vocabulary, what’s left?

I haven’t heard yet any reaction from Calderon’s visit with Obama yesterday, but it doesn’t really matter. Nothing good could come from it, because neither one of them can really discuss a solution. All they can do is complain about failing to throw enough gas on the fire.

Stories from Reuters and Houston Chronicle

Calderon last […]

Illinois Hemp

Illinois keeps trying to do the right thing. They’ve gotten close on medical marijuana a couple of times in the legislature, but couldn’t quite close the deal (there’s no referendum process in Illinois).

Yesterday, the House Agriculture and Conservation committee passed the Illinois Industrial Hemp Act 11-2. Next, it goes to the full house. […]

NORML’s Founder, Keith Stroup, on NORML at 40

An hour-long conversation with the founder of NORML on his recollection of four decades in marijuana law reform and what the future holds for NORML.  You’ll hear Keith’s look back at the whirlwind of reform in the 1970s, how the culture wars of the 1980s almost did us in, his opinions on the wisdom of […]