Isn’t talking about drugs and drug laws illegal?

Back in a 1999 Congressional hearing on drug policy in Washington, DC, here’s what some of our representatives, sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, had to say:

“Legalization is a surrender to despair,” said Rep. Benjamin A. Gilman, Republican of upstate New York. “It cannot and ought not be […]

Cannabis On Craigslist: A Prosecutor’s Dream

Michigan Medical Marijuana Act: Keep Your Business and Medicine Legal
By Matthew Donigian, NORML Legal Intern, University of Illinois — College of Law

On November 4, 2008 63 percent of Michigan voters enacted the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP). Since then the state of Michigan has registered over 75,000 patients, who are now eligible to receive medical […]

Losing the war on drugs

Excellent piece on Al Jazeera

Referenced in that piece is an important new documentary: “Breaking the Taboo” — which opened last week in Brazil and was also shown at the Global Commission press conference last week. It was filmed in eight countries and has been getting a lot of publicity in Brazil, but […]


Sensible Washington Money Bomb

This week, we’re putting out an urgent call to all organizations and individuals who believe in this cause; that cannabis should be a legal substance. It’s both a medicine and a safe recreational choice that, despite years of propaganda, has no lethal dose. For those who understand the necessity of […]

More drug war slams

U.S. Can’t Justify It’s Drug War Spending, Reports Say,0,1742011.story
With typical push-back by gov officials claiming that we’re winning the war.

Another open thread

I’ve returned from a wonderful and exhausting week in New York with a cold and broken wifi. They say they’ll get to it on Friday.

It does make it difficult to post (the iPhone makes it possible, but it’s cumbersome to do links and quotes).

Here’s a press release for you..

June […]