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Open Thread

The Disastrous War on Drugs Turns 40: How Do We Stop the Madness? by Ethan Nadelmann.

What better way to mark the 40th anniversary of the war on drugs than by breaking the taboos that have precluded frank assessment of the costs and failures of drug prohibition as well as its varied alternatives. Barely a single […]

I am above:

On the drug czar’s “blog” they talk about an “Above the Influence” workshop with the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), where youth engaged in a “tag-it” campaign.

In this workshop, they had pieces of paper with “I am above:” and participants added their own anti-drug message.

Here are a couple of examples:

Well, I decided that we could […]

We don’t know for certain, so there’s no point discussing it

One of the most pathetic elements to prop up prohibition is the uncertainty argument put forth by the so-called academic experts in drug policy in the United States.

“We can’t even talk about legalization,” they wail. “It’s too uncertain.”

They’re fully willing to admit that prohibition itself is destructive and that what we are doing in the […]

Strong support for legalization

Another poll:

THIS week’s Economist-YouGov poll contains some exciting news for devotees of the weed. A huge majority of Americans, more than two to one once don’t knows have been excluded, support the legalisation and taxation of marijuana. Even without excluding the don’t knows, a clear majority favours treating the drug equivalently to tobacco and alcohol.

The data […]

What is it about marijuana that makes some people so stupid?

… and I’m not talking about the people who use it.

Teen’s medical marijuana fight escalates as school says he cannot come back to class after going home for medicine

The saga of a Colorado Springs teenager struggling with a rare neurological condition best controlled with medical marijuana lozenges became a little more surreal when Harrison School District […]

What are drug-related teen suicides?

Jennifer Corbett Dooren in the Wall Street Journal subjects us to a particularly vapid article: Study Tracks Drug-Related Teen Suicides

Teenage girls are about three times as likely as boys to attempt suicide for drug-related reasons, according to an analysis of emergency-room visits. A government study also found boys are far more likely to attempt drug-related […]

The Feud

“Name something that gets passed around…”

Hilarious. But I miss Richard Dawson. He would have considered it a perfectly proper answer (which, of course, it is).


Does legalization mean an explosion in drug harm? Understanding the basics.

Megan McArdle has a piece in the Atlantic: The Goals and Means of Meth Control. It looks at the ravages of drug abuse and also continues the discussion started by Keith Humphreys in his simplistic endorsement of making pseudoephedrine-based products prescription-only and Mark Kleiman’s follow-up.

Megan’s article is a good one to read, in that […]