Delaware Approves Medical Cannabis Delivery Option

Medical marijuanaMedical cannabis is essential and while we commend our state officials for declaring that centers will remain open during the state of emergency, we need to ensure our patients have uninterrupted access to their life saving medicine, especially during these uncertain times. Delaware NORML sparked up the community for a call to action, urging Governor Carney to offer delivery options to adequately serve medical cannabis patients in this time of crisis. 

We are thrilled to pass on this joint effort: Delaware officials, lawmakers and compassion center owners are working together to roll out delivery options for cannabis patients coming soon! We offer our highest appreciation to everyone who helped make this happen!

With the recommended guidelines, many patients have been left without an option to obtain their medicine. Some patients may not drive and many do not have an authorized caregiver. Ordering online with pick up options isn’t enough when a vast majority of patients are now homebound with little resources to facilitate those services. By definition, medical patients are the most at risk and we should be doing everything we can to ensure their safety. Hopefully these new updates to our medical cannabis program will be implemented quickly. 

Columbia Care will be the first center to offer this option, hopefully in the coming weeks. They are working quickly but must ensure they can safely implement delivery services. Please note this is a brand new service, being launched for this first time during an active crisis. Columbia Care will *NOT* be able to service all patients, especially at first. Once the other 2 centers are also set up for delivery services, the process will improve.

Please have patience with the centers’ staff during this process, we’re all trying to do the best we can with what we have.  Please be mindful that for many patients this will be their *ONLY* option. If you can facilitate the online ordering with pick up option safely, please continue to do so and save this service for those who need it most. 

Please visit the centers’ websites for updates and more information to be posted soon.

DE Medical Cannabis Centers:

  • Columbia Care of Delaware:
  • First State Compassion Center:
  • Fresh Delaware:

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