O2Vape Flip® Platinum Edition: My BFF

The O2Vape Flip®Platinum Edition is more like a Swiss Army knife than a vape pen.

Its chameleon-like disguise hides an orchestra of features on the inside:

  • built-in USB charger
  • retractable cartridge that springs into position
  • three temperature settings

…all bundled in a single nondescript shape hanging on your keychain.

The power to the battery is disabled when the cartridge is retracted; when you fold it out, the power comes on. Auto-shutoff means its safe to leave it in your pocket or purse.

The battery has three variable temperatures: Green is 3.3V, Yellow is 3.7V and Red is 4.3V. Tap the power button 3 times to cycle through the temperature options.

This vape pen accommodates 510 thread THC cartridges. I have used it for both half gram and full gram cartridges.

The O2Vape Flip® Platinum Edition is my favorite vape pen companion: reliable, safe, and discrete. This vape is perfect for home and travel.

The Flip® Platinum Edition is available for $54.95 on O2vape.com

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