Month: November 2016

New head of the DEA?


It’s satire, of course, but I couldn’t resist.

In an official statement, Trump said that El Chapo’s “tremendous success in the private sector” showed that he has what it takes to “shake things up” at the D.E.A.

Trump’s appointment of the former drug lord surprised many in Washington, […]

Happy Danksgiving from NORML!

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, NORML would like to acknowledge and give thanks to you, our faithful members and supporters. Without you, there is no us.  As we reflect upon this unprecedented year, we have much to be thankful for: – Lawmakers in 24 states approved more than 30 pieces of legislation specific to marijuana policy reform in 2016. – We also made history at the ballot box on Election Day. Eight states voted in favor of statewide law changes to both medicinal and recreational use. These notable victories would not have been achieved without your courage, conviction, and support. Click here to continue the momentum and show your support for marijuana legalization this holiday season.  As we look toward…

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Open Thread

Retirement continues to be a very busy time for me. Spent the past week in Chicago getting my newest Living Canvas show ready to open tomorrow.

[Trans]formation uses the unique Living Canvas technique (projections on bodies) to tell the stories, poetry and songs of transgender and other non-binary individuals. It’s a pretty stunning world […]