Smart approaches to heroin problems talked about in mainstream media?

This Time article really gets it almost entirely right. Nice to see in a mainstream media piece.

6 Ways to Fight America’s Heroin Epidemic

Law enforcement has responded by cracking down on drug traffickers to cut off supplies of heroin and synthetics. But beyond the typical law-and-order response, some areas are taking unique approaches to battle drug addiction. Here’s a look at what cities are trying across the U.S. and beyond:

And the six things listed are:

  1. Safe-injection sites
  2. Prescribe heroin
  3. Medication-assisted treatment
  4. Naloxone for all
  5. Marijuana as medicine
  6. Don’t arrest addicts, treat them

I also liked the fact that the article referred to “heroin-related overdoses” rather than “heroin overdoses.”

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