The never-ending triumph of politics over issues

I’m sure that some of you have also gotten weary of the constant political posturing and sniping (particularly if you spend any time on Facebook) involved in the Presidential election politics. This process seems to go on forever. And we still have over 5 months until the election.

And I find myself wondering “When do we get to talk about criminal justice reform?”

I mean, really. When do we get to have national conversations about actual issues instead of haggling over personalities?

And I get told “Well, we have to prevent X from becoming President or the world will end.” Once we accomplish that, then we can deal with actual issues.” But, of course that’s not true – then we’ll be talking about the midterms.

Meanwhile, I suppose we talk about the Presidential election…

On the stump, Bernie Sanders makes pitch for legal pot in California

“It makes sense to legalize marijuana at this particular point,” Sanders told supporters this week on a dusty softball field at a park in East Los Angeles where, like at many of his outdoor events in California, a slightly pungent pot aroma wafted through the air. “So if I were here in your state, I would vote yes on that issue.”

Also, the Libertarian Party convention is happening this weekend. And they have real potential to, well, not actually win, but have a bit of a showing.

Libertarian Party set to pick nominee at convention

The likely Democratic and Republican nominees each have historically high unfavorable numbers. Media attention for the party, both the national committee chairman and the party’s political director say, is at unprecedented levels.

So it is with an air of opportunity to break out of obscurity that Libertarians, members of the country’s most prominent third party, have gathered for their national convention in Orlando, Florida, this weekend to officially pick a candidate to pitch to angry voters.

Of course, the reason they won’t have a chance is that the Democratic and Republican parties control the process (including the debates), and additionally there will be all sorts of browbeating of people to say that if they throw their vote away on the Libertarians, then the evil R or evil D will win and it’ll be that voter’s fault. The ghost of Ralph Nader will be repeatedly invoked.

I really do wish we had the preferential voting system that they have in Australia. Then, there’s no chance of throwing away your vote.

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