Oh, Andrea… always finding a new scam

Yes, it’s Andrea Barthwell again, a lady who changes drug war scams more often than some people change clothes. A huckster, a shyster, a drug warrior (former deputy drug czar) with no interest in the truth. This site has shut down a couple of her enterprises (Illinois Marijuana Lectures, and End Needless Death on the Roadways) by exposing her lies.

You can read some of my stuff about her here:

Here’s her latest: Luxury treatment center.

The Manor, a Luxury Addiction Treatment Center, Opens in the Midwest

The Manor, an exclusive, highly confidential addiction treatment center nestled in the tranquil hills of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine, has announced that it is now welcoming guests seeking treatment for the disease of alcoholism, and other dependencies, including individuals who desire a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. […]

“The work of recovery is mentally and emotionally demanding,” said Andrea G. Barthwell, MD, DFASAM, an internationally renowned physician who is a former U. S. Deputy Drug Czar and a pioneer in the field of addiction medicine. Dr. Barthwell is the Chief Medical Officer at The Manor, and the architect of The Manor’s holistic and intimate model of clinical and medical care. “To engage in one’s comfort zone is a privilege we extend to every guest, in an intellectually stimulating and emotionally safe place,” Dr. Barthwell said.

“When healing from the chaos of alcoholism and other dependencies,” Dr. Barthwell continued, “we seek peace, social connection, gentle guidance, and serenity. Our guests can walk along the running stream, engage in deep, restorative sleep and move their muscles in a myriad of ways that suit them to bring about gentle healing. These little amenities encourage openness, the key to the entire process,” said Dr. Barthwell.


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