Scary Hitler Drugs!

A number of articles have come out this week about how Hitler’s armies were pumped up on “crystal-meth-like” drugs.

Tony Paterson at The Independent: Hitler’s all-conquering stormtroopers ‘felt invincible because of crystal meth-style drug Pervitin’

Hitler’s armies carried out their “Blitzkrieg” invasions of Poland and France while high on a version of crystal meth which kept them wide awake, feeling euphoric and invincible, says a new book about the Nazis’ use of drugs during the Second World War.

So that’s why World War II was so devastating. We were fighting super-soldiers who had completely lost their humanity because they had been turned into drug fiends!

USA Today: Author: Nazi soldiers were high on crystal meth in WWII

New York Daily News: Nazi troops ‘high on crystal meth’ during European advances, new book claims

Complex: Nazis Were Fueled by Crystal Meth, New Book Shows (A previous version of the headline was: “Hitler’s Nazis Were Meth Zombies, A New Book Says”)

Note the pervasive use of the term “crystal meth,” which isn’t really a proper scientific term, but certainly is a great fear-mongering drug term. Generally, “crystal meth” refers to methamphetamine that is in a crystalline (rock) form and is generally purer than powdered methamphetamine. What the Nazi troops used was a small dose of powdered methamphetamine contained in pill form (Pervitin).

Calling it a crystal meth-style drug is like saying that Bolivians make tea with a crack-like drug called coca.

The Pervitin used by the Nazi troops was really quite similar to what we prescribe by the ton for children under the name Adderall. Also, the soldiers in the British and American armies in World War II also used forms of amphetamines in the battlefield, while consumers at home used them as diet pills and in inhalers. We gave troops more amphetamines in Vietnam than the Germans used in all of World War II. U.S. Pilots today are still given forms of amphetamines.

And the other thing is, we’ve known for over 70 years that the Nazis used Pervitin.

Ah, but what reporter can resist a good drug scare-mongering story! It’s not like they have to worry about things like ethics or integrity.

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