Keeping us safe from hackberry bushes

Another in the lost list of incidents of law enforcement not knowing (or apparently caring) what marijuana actually is… and doing so with extreme prejudice.

The Ridiculous Warrant Application Behind a Fruitless Marijuana Raid. A Texas cop was sure those hippies were growing pot on their farm

I would say the raid was fruitless, except that the code enforcement officers did uproot and cart away a bunch of hackberry bushes.

Why were the cops so sure that the Garden of Eden was a front for drug trafficking? Because it was a bunch of fucking hippies growing stuff, so of course they were growing marijuana. As detailed in a federal lawsuit filed last month by Eaker and four other victims of the SWAT raid, the justification for this armed invasion was not much stronger than that.

You know, sometimes I hear police (or apologists for current methods of policing) say that the kinds of judicial reform that many of us seek will tie the hands of police officers and make it harder for them to do their jobs.

What job? When you see things like this – and we do way too often – it doesn’t look like a job. A “job” presents the image of training, procedures, skills, intent to further an appropriate goal, and so forth. This looks more like your dog sniffing around the floor putting everything in its mouth that its nose touches in the hopes that it might be a scrap of food that fell off the table.

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