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As of today, Drug WarRant has been going for 12 years, with 6,090 posts and 10s of thousands of comments (don’t have an actual number on comments, since the count on those re-started when I moved to WordPress in 2009 – 70,000 since then).

We’ve seen some great progress in those 12 years (and some things have hardly changed at all).

The thing that really makes this site special is all the commenters who hang out on the couch. Thanks to all of you!

bullet image In the “things haven’t changed at all” category: Kansas Man Facing Felony Murder Charge for Telling an Acquaintance Where He Could Find Marijuana

The felony murder rule continues to cause injustice.

bullet image Also in the things-haven’t-changed category… Sandra Bland Marijuana Smear Is Another Cheap Trick of Racist Drug War

At a news conference discussing the preliminary findings of an autopsy following Bland’s alleged suicide at the Waller County Jail in Texas last week, officials placed heavy emphasis on marijuana reported to be found in the young woman’s system.

Why this emphasis? What does this have to do with widespread demands for accountability around the circumstances of her death? Are we expected to believe the not so subtle insinuation that marijuana use played a part?

bullet image In the category of “we wouldn’t have believed this 12 years ago…

[Via Press Release]: Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Measure Intended to Ensure Marijuana Businesses Have Access to Banking Services

The amendment, offered by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) to the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill, would prohibit the Treasury Department and its enforcement arm, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network or FinCEN, from using federal funds to punish banks that provide financial services to marijuana businesses that are operating legally under state laws.

See also: 10 Reasons Why Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition Is About to Go Up in Smoke

bullet image Or, how about this? A ‘Drugged Driver’ Who Wasn’t Avoids Prison in Pedestrian’s Death

Then something surprising happened. Kane County State’s Attorney Joseph McMahon, after carefully considering the facts of the case, decided to drop the felony charge. “There was no evidence whatsoever of impaired driving,” McMahon told the Daily Herald. “Her THC levels were zero. The metabolite was positive. A metabolite is not what impairs someone’s ability to drive.”

Baby steps, sometimes, but real change has been happening, and it appears that maybe…

bullet image Slowly but surely, the Western world is coming down from the hallucinatory war on drugs

Slowly but surely, the Western world is coming down from the hallucinatory war on drugs. Legalisation and regulation is safer for both users and society at large. One day we will look back with amazement at the idea of handing control of potentially-dangerous markets to the most lethal gangs on earth. These small steps in Derbyshire and Durham on cannabis are one more sign of progress towards a saner world.

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