Day: January 6, 2015

POLL: 60% of Virginia Voters Support Marijuana Decriminalization

A poll conducted by the firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) revealed that 60% of Virginia voters would support decriminalizing the adult possession of small amounts of marijuana, indicating strong support for state Senator Adam Ebbin’s marijuana decriminalization measure, Senate Bill 686. Decriminalization had majority support from every age, racial, and gender demographic. The survey also had support for legalization and regulation of marijuana in the Commonwealth at a record high of 49% support to 44% opposed. With the legislative session kicking off in Virginia, expect to hear much more about […]

Marijuana legalization is not the third rail of politics

The tide has shifted over the years, and, while all the politicians may not yet realize it, they’re smarter to hitch their wagons to legalization than prohibition.

Councilwoman Resigns Amid Backlash for Anti-Marijuana Vote

Days after officials in Columbia, Missouri certified that activists collected enough signatures to force a recall vote on a city councilwoman […]

Same team

This bizarre article in the Washington Post seemed unaware of its own implications.

In fight against drugs, Cuba and U.S. on same team

Cuba is surrounded by countries used as cartel way stations. But it has distinguished itself as a tough place to traffic drugs — and also an unlikely behind-the-scenes partner with its decades-long […]