Year in review

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. My mom decided to celebrate by falling off a chair and breaking her leg, so I got to spend a lot of quality time with her over the past few days visiting with her in the hospital. She’s doing OK, but will have a full-length cast on her leg for some time.

So all of you readers who are advancing in years, remember that your bones aren’t as supple anymore and really be careful out there.

This is a time when we’ll start seeing a lot of year-in-review pieces. And it’s been a big year for drug policy reform.

Here are a couple already.

bullet image Five Drug Scares in 2014 by Jacob Sullum.

The history of drug control in America is a series of panic-propelled policies, most of which have not turned out very well. Those of us who support a calmer, more tolerant approach to psychoactive substances therefore spend much of our time defusing scares aimed at justifying or expanding the government’s role in policing our bloodstreams.

bullet image The Year in Drug Policy: Movement at a crossroads by Alfonso Serrano at Al Jazeera.

The 43-year-old war on drugs had never seen such a barrage of opposition as it did in 2014, with successful marijuana legalization initiatives in several U.S. states, California’s historic approval of sentencing reform for low level drug offenders and world leaders calling for the legal regulation of all drugs — all of which cement the mainstream appeal of drug policy alternatives and offer unprecedented momentum going into 2015.

What are your favorite drug policy moments of 2014?

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