Month: November 2014

Election Thread

This is the day – get out and vote.

Post election stories, results, discussions here.

Here’s a pretty good recap of today’s marijuana votes:

If Legal Cannabis Wins in the US Midterms, It’s No Thanks to the Democratic Party

MARIJUANA MIDTERMS: Smoke the Vote November 4th

Tomorrow is Election Day and voters across the country will be faced with measures regarding marijuana law reform and some difficult legislative races. To help keep you on top of all the upcoming votes, we are issuing this helpful primer on what races to watch as the results begin to roll in. Don’t forget, we will be running live election coverage right here on all night, so check back in tomorrow evening to stay on top of all the breaking exit polls, news stories, and official results. Don’t forget […]

My Best Guess on Outcomes of Marijuana Initiatives

This column is being written a couple of days prior to the November 4th election, and will be published on Monday, Nov. 3, election eve. So it only seems appropriate to offer my prognosis on the four statewide marijuana-related voter initiatives, as well as a number of municipal voter initiatives in Michigan and Maine. Our Opponents Claim the Sky Is Falling Before setting out on this dangerous endeavor of projecting election results, I should acknowledge the emergence of a seemingly re-energized gang of drug warriors, still willing to exploit fear […]

Students for Liberty Chicago

This coming Saturday, November 8, I will be one of the speakers at the Students for Liberty Regional Conference in Chicago, at Loyola University. I’ll be discussing the drug war’s assault on liberty.

2014 SFL Chicago Regional Conference

Hope to see any Chicago-area Rant readers (be sure to introduce yourself).

Stupid Government Tricks

You may have heard recently that the UK government had a study come out (after they tried to suppress it) that basically showed that enforcement has no significant effect on drug use — that the drug war is not only destructive, but ineffective.

Tougher Drug Laws Don’t Work, Finds “Supressed’ UK Government Study

The report […]