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bullet image SNL Mocks NYC’s New Weed Policy: You Can Have It, But You Can’t Smoke It In Public

Nicely done humor piece.

bullet image Via Maia Szalavitz, an example of the complete lack of professionalism (and facts) in so much drug science reporting. A study showed that, in a study of Emergency Department (ED) visits 2/3 of overdoses were from prescription opioids. So that site, among others, reported that “Such overdoses were a factor in more than two-thirds of ED visits nationwide that year.”

Um, no. There are other reasons that people go to Emergecy than just overdoses.

What made this particular article so worthy of inclusion as the example was this gem: “They found that not only were prescription opioids involved in 678.8 percent of overdoses…” Wow, that’s a significant percentage.

bullet image I’ve been busy with another project recently – I’m actually acting in a play this time. It’s “Viral” by Mac Rogers – a very black comedy with some very controversial subject matter, including suicide and fetish. I play Snow, a distributor of “specialized entertainment.” Opens tonight and runs through Wednesday.

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