Yawn, majority favor marijuana legalization

Marijuana Legalization Supported By A Growing Majority

The survey, released last week from online polling data company CivicScience, asked more than 450,000 U.S. adults over the last two years this question: “Would you support or oppose a law in your state that would legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana like alcohol?”

Fifty-eight percent of respondents said they support marijuana legalization — with 39 percent saying they “strongly support” and 19 percent saying they “somewhat support” reformed marijuana laws in their states. Thirty-five percent oppose legalization of marijuana — with 29 percent “strongly” opposing and 6 percent “somewhat” opposing laws that would regulate marijuana like alcohol. Seven percent of respondents had no opinion on the issue.

The surprising part of this news is… it’s really not a surprise. Majority support is now where we live.

That doesn’t mean we can rest, and we still have a huge way to go on the larger issue of drug legalization, but boy, it sure is nice to be at a place where a poll like this is merely… ho hum.

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