I have a question

Tom Keane in the Boston Globe: Right wing takes lead on reforming crime policy

DRUGS ARE BAD for you, no question. But wars on drugs are worse — at least the way we’ve been waging this battle. But change may be coming, and from the least likely source: the right wing. Just as it took Richard Nixon to reopen ties with China (a Democrat would have been pilloried as a commie sympathizer), so it may take conservatives to reform our nation’s drug and sentencing laws.

Uh, OK, I appreciate the overall article – some good stuff there, but let’s go back to that first sentence.

DRUGS ARE BAD for you, no question.

Nope. Sorry. I have a question.

What the hell are you talking about?

Last I checked, our bodies are constantly manufacturing drugs that keep us alive. I’m currently taking blood pressure drugs that are also helping insure that I live a longer life. There are millions of people who would be dead right now if it wasn’t for drugs. And countless others whose quality of life has been improved by drugs — of all kinds, both licit and illicit (the differences there being more political than scientific).

The fact is — drugs, when used appropriately, are GOOD FOR YOU.

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