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bullet image Request from a reader who is working on a dissertation regarding incarceration as a result of the war on drugs:


* Adult daughters (at least 18 years old)
* Identify as Black or African American
* Father incarcerated as a result of a drug offense
* Lived with your father prior to his incarceration
* The incarceration initially occurred when you were a child

If so please inbox me or email me at I know the criteria is strict, but this is only the beginning of my work with families and incarceration

COMPENSATION: $20 Visa gift card or cash after 60-90 min interview completed. Location of interview flexible. Thanks!

bullet image There’s a petition to get the New York Times organization to stop drug testing, now that their editorial department has called for marijuana legalization. Petition: stop drug testing employees for marijuana

bullet image In addition to the New York Times, the Washington Post also ridiculed the White House response to the New York Times editorial: The federal government’s incredibly poor, misleading argument for marijuana prohibition

That case, as it turns out, it surprisingly weak. It’s built on half-truths and radically decontextualized facts

Oh, and it turns out there is some evidence the New York Times was specifically aware of my page on the ONDCP being required to oppose legalization.

bullet image I hear from a source that Michele Leonhart was seen this morning in Mexico City with her full protection detail. I doubt she was vacationing. Look for some photo op on a major bust, or else she’s negotiating a deal with someone.

bullet image There was a Congressional hearing this morning led by prohibitionist Representative Mica entitled Planes, Trains and Automobiles (full video available). No it wasn’t about John Candy movies, but rather a hearing about “Operating while stoned.” Bunch of bureaucrats only, although I understand the staffers were given real scientific information from NORML (which was probably ignored).

I watched the first eight minutes of Mica’s ridiculous and lying performance and had no more patience. Someone else want to watch and report?

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