Taking back June 26

Global Day of Protest Against the War on Drugs

Every year, the United Nations designates June 26 as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Sounds good, right? [...] In recent years, some countries have “celebrated” their approach to drug abuse and trafficking by executing and torturing those convicted of drug crimes. Still sound good? Not so much.

And so, in response, people around the world are challenging not only the harshest of punishments for people convicted of drug crimes but also the criminalization of drug use in the first place — namely the war on drugs, which began in earnest in this country over 40 years ago and has since been spread worldwide with the help of the UN. For the second year in a row, an international groundswell of activists have organized a Global Day of Action under the moniker Support, Don’t Punish, with support from groups like the Global Commission on Drug Policy, the International Drug Policy Consortium, and the Drug Policy Alliance. In addition to the thousands of actions around the world focusing on various aspects of the failed drug war, drug policy reform advocates will be taking their protest right to the source: the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

I like the idea of taking this day back.

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