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Head of US border agencies revises lethal force policy

The federal agency in charge of U.S. border security on Friday issued a revised handbook on when its agents may use lethal force, adopting changes aimed at reducing dozens of killings that have generated a handful of lawsuits and cast agents as quick to pull their triggers.

Yesterday afternoon:

Border Patrol shoots and kills suspect in Green Valley

According to CBP, agents tried to stop a suspicious car on I-19, near Green Valley. The driver refused to stop, and instead sped away. Eventually, the suspect got out of the vehicle, and tried to run away.

An agent shot and killed the suspect during a chase. CBP told us at this point they don’t know if the suspect was armed.

After the shooting, agents found bundles of marijuana in the suspect’s car.

How difficult is it to determine if a dead suspect is armed?

Well, Gil – hope you’re enjoying your new job. Here’s a tip. When you’re going to release a report saying that your people aren’t going to use lethal force as indiscriminately, you might want to send out a memo to your folks asking them not to kill any unarmed suspects for a few days.

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