They promise to be ‘more careful’ next time (updated)

Toddler critically burned during SWAT raid

Atlanta. Police conduct a no-knock SWAT drug raid at 3 am. Bust open the door, and toss in a stun grenade, which lands in a crib on the pillow next to a baby’s face, and goes off.

The injuries are horrifying.

Channel 2 has decided not to share most of the photos because of the graphic nature of the child’s injuries.

“He’s in the burn unit. We go up to see him and his whole face is ripped open. He has a big cut on his chest,” Phonesavanh said. “He’s only 19 months old. He didn’t do anything.”[...]

[Police Chief Rick] Darby told Channel 2′s Wendy Corona that the entire unit is very broken up about the incident.

“You’re trying to minimize anything that could go wrong and in this case the greatest thing went wrong,” Darby said. “Is it going to make us be more careful in the next one? Yes ma’am, it is. It’s gonna make us double question.”

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Sheriff in Burned Baby Raid Wants Your Prayers; Target of Warrant Could Be Charged For Injuries to Toddler


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