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US House votes 219 to 189 to prohibit DOJ funds from raiding or interfering with state medical marijuana programs.

It isn’t a done deal yet, but this is historic.


I’ve been reporting on votes in the house regarding this kind of bill since I started blogging, and year after year, the results were so depressing. Finally, we’re making some progress with Congress.

House Votes to End DEA Raids on Legal Medical Marijuana Operations

Currently 22 states and the District of Columbia allow marijuana use for medicinal purposes. Five others don’t allow smoking, but do allow CBD oils.

“This year’s huge vote increase can largely be attributed to the fact that lawmakers only recently began hearing the moving stories of the many children whose severe seizures are only relieved by marijuana,” said Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, in a statement. “Being able to list these CBD states in the amendment text meant that more members of Congress that represent these states voted yes than otherwise would have. Counting these states, 60 percent of the U.S. population lives in a place where state law disagrees with federal law.”

Update 2: Project SAM tweets their reaction:

We’re disappointed in the House Rohrabacher amendmt which allows marijuana grown in public parks, Colombian cartels, etc. Will Fix in Senate

Colombian cartels?

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