Odds and Ends

bullet image Scholars Scramble for the Archives of Marijuana Legalization

Ah, yes, we have certainly come a long way, from being the outcast crazies to being a significant movement in history.

bullet image Symphony’s first cannabis concert woos, raises funds

I would have loved to be there. But what I really look forward to is the jazz concerts that will come in the future. And sports.

When I was in college way back in the day, of course nobody smoked cannabis openly at football games — the only allowable drugs were alcohol and tobacco. But soccer — nobody went to the soccer games and the team was so happy to have fans that they were fine with people lighting up on the sidelines — so soccer became the sporting event to enjoy if beer wasn’t your drug of choice.

bullet image Fight Heroin with Marijuana by Froma Harrop.

“If I had to write a prescription for the heroin problem,” retired Cincinnati police Capt. Howard Rahtz told me, “the first thing I’d do is legalize marijuana.”

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