O.penVAPE changes drug testing policy

You may remember that O.penVAPE came out with an offensive drug testing policy for their employees (OpenVAPE throws alies under the bus; drug tests employees).

The reform community (including readers here) reacted strongly. At first, O.penVAPE’s Todd Mitchem badly ridiculed the reaction, but then they got the message from us.

O.penVAPE’s leadership participated in some conference calls with NORML and Drug Policy Alliance, and have now crafted an employee policy that completely eliminates urine testing.

Their new policy uses computerized impairment testing instead of drug testing. It’s a method that has been recommended by the drug policy reform community for some years, but hasn’t been used much in business; it tests actual impairment, not whether an employee has used drugs in the recent past.

More on this and the computerized impairment testing at CelebStoner.

A couple of take-aways here…

First, we have some power here. It’s obvious that management of O.penVAPE came from the business world and thought that they could step in to this culture and operate the same way – they learned they could not.

Second, O.penVAPE could have gone with a cosmetic change to try to appease the outrage from reformers, but instead they listened, researched, and completely re-wrote their policy from scratch. They get points for that.

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