DEA bragging about tragedy

I found this Press Release put out by the DEA to be… disturbing.

It’s a tragedy. Four people went and bought heroin together, and all four used it. One became unconscious and the others, afraid to get help, left her in a bedroom. The next morning, one of them found her dead, and again, afraid of repercussions, hid her body.

So that’s a tragic story, and points out the need for drug policy reform so that nobody is ever in that situation and people who need it get help.

But this is a press release from the DEA about how the feds investigated and prosecuted and got the bad guy and how he was sentenced to 80 months in prison for tampering with evidence by hiding the body.

First, it seems odd that it’s a federal case, and second (and much worse) that it’s something that they’d brag about in a press release.

If anything, this press release is a stark indictment of what the DEA has been doing.

If you want to be tortured with pages upon pages of bad science and self-serving rhetoric, read the link on the right at that page, entitled: “The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse.”

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