Day: May 17, 2014

Kentucky Sues Feds Over Confiscated Hemp Seeds

Earlier this week, the Drug Enforcement Administration ordered that 250 pounds of hemp seed be seized at Louisville Airport in Kentucky. The seeds were being imported by the Kentucky government from Italy to plant at state universities in their hemp pilot program. Kentucky legalized industrial hemp in 2013 and the federal government approved legislation this year that allowed states to engage in limited hemp cultivation. When the DEA refused to return the seeds under reasonable conditions, the Kentucky Agriculture Department filed suit against the Justice Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration, […]

Open Thread

I’ll be on the road this coming week, visiting my parents in Quincy, Illinois and Indianola, Iowa. Looking forward to playing pool with my dad and maybe cooking some orange roughy for my mom (her favorite fish).

I’ll check in when I can.

Very curious to see what will happen with the lawsuit against the […]

DEA bragging about tragedy

I found this Press Release put out by the DEA to be… disturbing.

It’s a tragedy. Four people went and bought heroin together, and all four used it. One became unconscious and the others, afraid to get help, left her in a bedroom. The next morning, one of them found her dead, and again, afraid […]