Meet Martha

… and her mom.

One of the toughest things in the world of drugs and drug policy is the parent who loses a child to drug overdose.

I feel for them, and their feelings of disbelief and rage. I can understand their immediate reaction to want whoever did this to their child to be punished immediately and severely, and to push for tougher laws to make sure other parents won’t have to go through this.

They are not in a state of mind to be able to listen to the realities about prohibition’s failures or to handle the counter-intuitive truth that reducing punitive laws can actually make children safer.

And this makes What Martha Did Next all the more powerful. It is the story of Martha, who spent too brief a time on this earth, but also her mother, who was determined to respond in a way that would make a real difference.

I have spent many hours painstakingly deliberating about drug policy since my precious girl died. It was important to me that when I felt ready to disclose my views, they were well constructed and more informed, rather than knee-jerk and too immersed within the wrath of the initial raw emotion I felt in the early days.

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