Alabama declares holy war on pregnant women

Alabama Supreme Court Rules That Women Can Be Charged With Chemical Endangerment if They Become Pregnant and Use a Controlled Substance

New York, NY – On Friday, April 18, 2014, the Alabama Supreme Court issued a 8-1 decision in Ex Parte Hicks upholding the conviction of Sara Hicks, who gave birth to a healthy baby who tested positive for cocaine in 2008. This decision affirmed the Court’s prior ruling in Ex Parte Ankrom, holding that that the plain meaning of the word “child” in the Alabama law unambiguously includes fertilized eggs and that pregnant women may be arrested for using a controlled substance while pregnant.

Chief Justice Moore apparently included Biblical citations and references to God’s authority.

Make no mistake about it – this is sadomoralism, combined with the intentional infliction of damage on pregnant women and newborn children in order to score political points in the abortion debate.

There is absolutely no interest in the health of pregnant women or children in these laws. They take healthy children away from their mothers and encourage mothers not to seek medical help during their pregancy for fear of losing their children.


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