Poor Governor Scott

Governor Rick Scott has been so anxious to have everybody in the world drug tested, whether it’s welfare recipients, unemployment recipients, or state workers.

Court rejects Scott’s plan for broad drug testing of state workers

TAMPA ­­— In a second major blow to a drug-testing initiative by Gov. Rick Scott at the outset of his administration, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a court ruling invalidating his attempt to subject state employees to random drug tests.

The Scott administration already was appealing a December decision by a federal district judge that invalidated a drug testing requirement for applicants for welfare benefits.

Hmmm… Supreme Court not willing to dismantle the remnants of the Fourth Amendment just yet?

I wonder when the Supremes will get the message that the public
doesn’t want the drug war anymore? I’d love to see the court start to heal some of the damage of decades of drug war exceptions to the Bill of Rights.

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