Memorizing stats

I was a bit puzzled by this article: If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 Stats

Here are the stats (and each one goes on to describe that it’s a projected tax revenue for some state or the potential market somewhere, or something like that).

  • $1.53 billion
  • $10.2 billion
  • $6.17 million
  • $98 million
  • $40 million
  • 7,500-10,000
  • $190 million
  • $105 million
  • $142.19 million
  • $36 million
  • $21.5 to $82 million
  • $134.6 million
  • $17.4 billion

I read it all, and, you know what? I didn’t care. None of that made a stinking bit of difference to me. Maybe there are some people out there whose minds would be changed by these numbers. But personally, I would throw all those out and just remember one word:






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