Cannabis in the Netherlands is doing just fine

I’ve seen a lot of statements from the usual prohibition-types that goes something like: “Every country that has legalized marijuana has found it to be a disaster and reversed course.” Naturally, that’s absurd on its face since no country has fully legalized marijuana except Uruguay and that’s still being implemented.

But what they’re really trying to say is that the Netherlands has found that they don’t like “legalization” (decriminalization) and are trying to undo the policy.

Steve Rolles at Transform points out that it’s nonsense. Cannabis policy in the Netherlands: moving forwards, not backwards

Misunderstandings and misreporting of actual and proposed changes to Dutch cannabis policy in 2011 have led some opponents of cannabis reform to suggest the country is retreating from its longstanding and pragmatic policy of tolerating the possession, use and sale of cannabis.

This is not the case. In reality, most of the more regressive measures have either not been implemented, have been subsequently abandoned, or have had only marginal impacts. Additionally, there is growing public support for wider, progressive reform, including a system of legal cannabis regulation similar to that adopted in Uruguay, and efforts are underway by numerous municipalities to establish such models of production and supply.

The article goes on to spell out the details.

I wonder what it must be like to live your life in such a way that you desperately hope that a policy of liberty will lead to mass destruction, sky-falling, and regret.

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