Legalization models

A note to those who now seem anxious about large-scale commercial marijuana businesses…

The vast majority of advocates for legalization would have been happy with any legitimate legalization model that would allow responsible adults to purchase a choice of marijuana strains legally.

It could have been the coffee-shop model, or the state-run store model, or the non-profit model. We would have been happy with any of those.

Where were you then? We would have worked with you to create a different, legitimate model. If I recall right, you were saying that legalization wasn’t viable, or that we didn’t know enough to legalize, or that legalization was the wrong way to go, or that we just had to be patient.

And the thing is, even though we’re pissed at you for being an obstructionist instead of a positive force, we would still work with you if you wanted to try to push for a different kind of approach in another state (after all, there are 48 more options to show the value of other models).

If you’re serious about it, work on that instead of complaining ad nauseam about the unfettered capitalism on display in Washington and Colorado.

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