Day: March 20, 2014

Somebody needs to protect the children from these predators

Harford County Office of Drug Control Policy, Partners Supply Funding for Field Trips to Anti-Drug Exhibit

The goal is to take to every seventh grader in the school district to the Maryland Science Center to view the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) exhibit Target America.

Nooooooooo!!!! Why can’t this exhibit die?

For those who haven’t been […]

CBD-Only Legislation Will Likely Be Unworkable For Most Patients

Lawmakers in four states — Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Utah — are poised to enact legislation in the coming days/weeks aimed at providing patients, primarily children with forms of intractable epilepsy, with strains of cannabis and/or cannabis extracts high in the compound cannabidiol (CBD). But a closer look at the text of these proposed laws indicates that, in fact, they are largely unworkable and will most likely provide no tangible relief or protection for the patient community they are intended to serve.