I’m back

Had a great week in New York, and the students had a fantastic time. Sorry for the lack of posts here. Some outstanding things I’ve learned by reading the comments here – you guys have been busy (although I did have to clean up a bit of a mess left around the couch).

A couple of things, in case you missed them…

bullet image I don’t usually get excited about petitions, but this seems like a fairly good one, put together by LEAP: Amend UN Treaties to End Drug Prohibition

We, the People of the World, petition the United Nations and the Signatory nations of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, and two corollary UN drug prohibition treaties, to Amend the Treaties, ending the war on drugs and providing for a health-, harm-reduction and human rights- oriented convention much like that proposed by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. See http://www.tiny.cc/leap_treaty

bullet image The House of Representatives passed a bizarre and stupid bill that was clearly only a symbolic statement in opposition to the President: House Republicans Want to Sue the President For Not Arresting People For Marijuana. It’s not going anywhere, but it does show just how completely out of touch so many are in Washington.

bullet image University of Colorado stuck in the dark ages. Marijuana symposium features university health and public policy experts

The researchers quickly dismissed notions that marijuana was harmless, presenting studies showing links to cancer, lung disease, lower IQs and potential impacts on fetal health. [...]

Bowles said marijuana smoke can induce precancerous changes in the respiratory mucosa of rats. He also cited a study of Swedish military conscripts, showing that those who smoked the highest quantities of marijuana had a 2.1 percent increase in lung cancer. [...]

“Babies are full of fat so they are essentially storage chambers for marijuana,” said Borgelt.

bullet image Medical Cannabis in Washington survives a legislative scare.

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