Wow. U.S. willing to not interfere in other countries’ drug policies?

That seems to be the message that’s coming here: US softens –
Hints at ways Ja could avoid punitive measures for ganja

Instead of belching fire and brimstone, the Obama Administration yesterday appeared to be treading softly on Jamaica’s plans to decriminalise ganja.

A key US narcotic agency also hinted at ways the island could avoid punitive measures under US federal law that remain on the books, as the administration turns a blind eye to the quickly growing number of US states that have been decriminalising or legalising marijuana.

In separate statements responding to Jamaica Observer queries, both the State Department and the Department of Justice sidestepped direct comment on how the US would react to decriminalisation of the weed.

“The US respects that different nations have varying approaches on the matter; it is the duty of each nation to determine drug policies that meet its specific needs within the framework of International Laws,” the State Department said in its response.

Not a full-throated approval, of course. But merely to be that… respectful… in this area is a huge shift.

Interesting. The INCB must be throwing a fit right now.

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