Month: March 2014

DC Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Signed

This afternoon, “The Simple Possession of Small Quantities of Marijuana Decriminalization Amendment Act of 2013” was signed by the mayor after being approved by the city council in a 10 to 1 vote. This measure amends the punishment for the possession or transfer of up to one ounce of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor (punishable by up to 6 months incarceration and a maximum fine of $1,000) to a civil violation (punishable by a $25 fine, no arrest, no jail time, and no criminal record). “DC has the most egregious […]

Fun with commercials

I don’t really know if there’s an actual good way to use television commercials to get somebody to not do something. Yet, they keep trying.

My new favorite is this anti-smoking commercial.

Apparently smoking cigarettes is just like owning a dog.

Open Thread

Legislators Ask Why Mexicans Should Die Over A Drug the U.S. is Legalizing

Good question.

“Why is it that Mexico has to keep filling up with dead bodies and addicts, when in the United States the drug is becoming legal?” Delgado said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

The federal bill would legalize […]

Stupid Politicians

Louisiana committee OK’s doubling heroin mandatory minimums

“Make it severe. Make people understand, ‘You do heroin, you’re going to do time.’” — Louisiana Sheriff Association Executive Director Michael Ranatza

“I’ve got to support this bill and the reason I’ve got to support it is I think it’s a preventative measure.” — state Rep. Terry Landry, […]

Legalization music

We haven’t hit on this for a while…

Policymic has an article: 14 Songs That Should Probably Be the Anthem for Marijuana Legalization

There are some good ones there, but I don’t know that I’d agree with all of them.

Noticeably missing is Fats Waller’s excellent rendition of “If You’re a Viper (the Reefer Song).” […]

Cannabis in the Netherlands is doing just fine

I’ve seen a lot of statements from the usual prohibition-types that goes something like: “Every country that has legalized marijuana has found it to be a disaster and reversed course.” Naturally, that’s absurd on its face since no country has fully legalized marijuana except Uruguay and that’s still being implemented.

But what they’re really trying […]

Poll: Marijuana Ballot Measures Likely To Increase Overall Voter Turnout

Nearly four out of ten participants in the nationwide survey said that they would be “much more likely” to go to the polls if an initiative seeking to legalize marijuana appeared on the ballot. An additional 30 percent of respondents said that they would be “somewhat” more likely to participate in an election that also included a marijuana-specific ballot measure.

Legalization models

A note to those who now seem anxious about large-scale commercial marijuana businesses…

The vast majority of advocates for legalization would have been happy with any legitimate legalization model that would allow responsible adults to purchase a choice of marijuana strains legally.

It could have been the coffee-shop model, or the state-run store model, or […]

A new partnership

This is pretty big in terms of self-awareness…

Anti-Drug Group Concedes That Marijuana Legalization ‘Is Happening in America’

The CEO of Partnership at, best known for its 1980s “Your brain on drugs” ads, conceded during an interview with Advertising Age published Monday that the legalization of recreational marijuana in the U.S. “is happening.” […]