Month: February 2014

Hawaii: 66 Percent Of Voters Back Legalizing Cannabis

Hawaii voters overwhelmingly support legalizing and regulating the adult use of cannabis, according to just-released statewide survey data by QMark Research and commissioned by the Hawaii Drug Policy Action Group. Sixty-six percent of respondents said they endorsed legalizing cannabis, an increase of nine points since pollsters last posed the question in 2012.


I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman’s astonishing performances live on stage in both Long Day’s Journey Into Night (2003) and Death of a Salesman (2012), and I always found him a joy to watch in his incredible range of roles in the movies. He was one of those rare truly […]

Today Show and NPR Features NORML

The Super Bowl bet between Washington and Colorado NORML chapters, along with interviews with NORML board members Rick Steves and Kevin Oliver from Washington, was featured this morning on NBC’s Today Show. Additionally, Marketplace, heard on National Public Radio, also covered NORML chapter wager and the fact that the two teams competing for NFL title are from the states with legal cannabis sales. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Racism and the drug war

Carl Hart has an outstanding piece in The Nation: How the Myth of the ‘Negro Cocaine Fiend’ Helped Shape American Drug Policy

He talks about some of the early demonization:

The author, a distinguished physician, wrote: “[The Negro fiend] imagines that he hears people taunting and abusing him, and this often incites homicidal attacks upon […]

Rescheduling and libertarian derangement syndrome

Anybody who’s been involved in marijuana policy during the past, oh, 42 years, knows about scheduling. Cannabis was placed into Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, provisionally, and, despite the Commission report which should have removed it, was left there. Since then, every petition to change the scheduling has been blocked, not by scientific […]