Barthwell Watch

Yes, we do keep track of Andrea’s public activities here at the Rant. After all, we’re the ones who exposed her Illinois Marijuana Lecture series and her End Needless Death program, both based on falsehoods.

She’s been director of more companies than I can count – simply keeps creating new ones.

Haven’t seen much of her lately. Perhaps in the states people know too much about her. However, they’re bringing her in to Bermuda.

Weed killer?

A former deputy drug czar for the US will outline the dangers of marijuana use before a group of medical doctors and general practitioners tomorrow night.

Dr Andrea Barthwell, the managing partner and medical director of the Chicago-based addiction treatment centre Two Dreams, says the alleged medical benefits of the plant are overblown.

From a quick look at the comments, seems the folks in Bermuda aren’t too excited about her visit, either.

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