The crazies

After dealing with the truly ugly behavior of Patrick Kennedy and Kevin Sabet on a daily basis, it’s almost refreshing to return to one of the old-style crazies.

That’s right, our old friend Cliff Kindaid of AIM, after seemingly avoiding talking about the drug war for too long, has surfaced: Obama Encourages Drug Money Laundering. Yep, it’s an article on the administration’s guidance to banks that might allow legal marijuana stores in Colorado and Washington to actually use banks.

For extra bonus, Cliff brings in Calvina Fay!

Calvina L. Fay, executive director of the Drug Free America Foundation, told AIM, “This is yet one more example of the lawlessness of the Obama administration. We all know that banks are federally regulated and that pot is still illegal at the federal level. This action will clearly put banks in jeopardy of violating regulations and will enable criminal activity to thrive.”

She added, “This action tells parents and grandparents that the government can no longer be counted on to do what it is intended to do: protect U.S. citizens from criminals who engage in drug trafficking, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, and other serious illegal activities that are inter-connected to the drug underworld. Rather, our government is now embracing this activity and enabling it.”

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