Scott Walker doesn’t go to weddings

That’s about the only conclusion one could make from his bizarre statements about marijuana and alcohol.

“If I’m at a wedding reception here and somebody has a drink or two, most people wouldn’t say they’re wasted,” Walker said, according to The Cap Times. “Most folks with marijuana wouldn’t be sitting around a wedding reception smoking marijuana.”

“Now there are people who abuse [alcohol], no doubt about it, but I think it’s a big jump between someone having a beer and smoking marijuana,” Walker added.

It’s a fairly common fallacious argument to defend alcohol being legal while other drugs are not. The argument essentially is that with alcohol you can enjoy it socially without getting “wasted,” whereas with other drugs, there’s no such thing as moderate social use — in fact there’s absolutely no reason to use it except to get “wasted.”

The problem with this argument, other than the fact that it’s completely false, is that a lot of people have used marijuana or have friends who use marijuana, and so find the argument laughable.

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