UNODC funding death

The UNODC has spent a lot of effort complaining about marijuana legalization in places like Uruguay, Colorado, and Washington, but focus should really be on the damage being caused by the UNODC.

UN urged to act on Vietnam over death penalty

HANOI, Vietnam — The United Nations should immediately freeze anti-drug assistance to Vietnam after the communist country sentenced 30 people to die for drug-related offenses, three human rights groups working to get countries to abolish the death penalty said Wednesday. [...]

Last month, a court in northern Vietnam sentenced 30 people to death last month for heroin trafficking, the largest number of defendants sentenced to death in a single trial in the country’s court history. The trial of each defendant lasted around a day. There are nearly 700 people on the death row in Vietnam, many of them for drugs. [...]

UNODC aid to Vietnam will exceed $5 million for technical assistance, equipment, training and other support for the 2012-2017 period, the letter said. Drug control is the largest component of the program.

And, of course, when you have 30 people sentenced to death in one heroin trafficking sweep, you can bet that a majority of those are low-level participants.

UNODC funding to such countries (along with their praise of anti-trafficking efforts) gives cover to horrendous human rights violations in the name of the drug war.

And this is not the only way in which the UNODC’s hands are bloody. The organization has fully admitted the simple truth that world-wide drug prohibition causes black market violence. And yet they refuse to consider alternatives and push for more of the same.

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