Unmuzzle the Drug Czar

Our article on how the Drug Czar is required by law to lie has gotten a lot of play over the past few years, and it points out how incredibly inappropriate it is for Congress to have such a provision, that is not only anti-science, but also codifies the government has being antagonistic to its citizens.

It was pretty cool to see that issue come up in the ONDCP hearings last week, and now Representative Steve Cohen has proposed the entertainingly-named Unmuzzle the Drug Czar Act, which would remove that provision.

Now, that’s not going to magically make this ONDCP a better place — one that’s suddenly dedicated to the truth. It’ll still be a cesspool of mendacity. But it would be a good move by Congress to eliminate that offensive language, and maybe open the door to the possibility of a future ONDCP that could actually be about drug control policy (as in regulation) rather than prohibition propaganda promotion.

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