More third-way nonsense

Jacob Sullum nails it: Chris Christie Will End The War On Drugs – Just Like Obama Did

It turns out that Christie, who first called the war on a drugs a “failure” in 2012 (eight years after Barack Obama did), has something similar in mind. He does not want to stop responding to drug use with violence; he just wants to make “drug treatment” more “available,” which entails forcing nonviolent drug offenders into treatment by threatening to lock them in cages. Sadly, that does count as an improvement. Most people arrested on drug charges no doubt would prefer treatment to jail. But what is the moral justification for compelling that choice? If the state does not take that approach with alcoholics (except when they have broken the law in ways that endanger or harm others), why should it treat users of arbitrarily proscribed drugs this way?

We have certainly succeeded in getting the public to realize that the drug war is something they don’t want. So now we’re in the ‘putting lipstick on a pig’ phase.

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