You have to go to the underground market

One of the things we have slammed Kevin Sabet and S.A.M. for repeatedly is claiming to have a policy when they won’t even address the largest part of it – what to do with all those marijuana users who don’t need treatment if you’re not going to legalize it.

Recently, Kevin has said that he thinks recreational users should be fined rather than arrested, and finally, Kevin was forced to answer the bigger question by Oregon Senate Judiciary Chairman Floyd Prozanski.

Prozanski also pressed Sabet on where recreational users of marijuana would get the drug. Sabet has said occasional consumers should not be arrested and prosecuted.

“They should be able to do that but they have to go to the black market?” the senator asked.

“Yes,” said Sabet, who called marijuana prohibition and legalization bad policies.

“The cons of legalization are more than the cons of prohibition,” he said. “That is the con of prohibition: that you have to go to the underground market.”

Go to the underground market? That sounds so chic. “Put on your scarf, dear, we’re off to the underground market. They have truffles.”

And… that is “the con” of prohibition? That’s like saying “that is the con of murder; that you die.” That’s a pretty big con.

Having to deal with the black market means a host of destructive things to society, from the large violent criminal organizations that literally get away with murder to the non-violent low-level dealers who get swept up with outrageous sentences, to the corruption of law enforcement, to over-incarceration, to an unwieldy and broken justice system, to destroyed families and communities, to dysfunctional foreign policy, to wasted federal, state and local dollars, to unregulated and potentially unsafe product, to gateway effects, and a lot more.

The idea that this should be less of a concern to us than some unsupported believe that huge numbers of people will suddenly go wild with smoking the evil weed and be unable to care for themselves… ridiculous.

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