Even political leaders will be forced to follow

There are parts of this country that would never even have seriously discussed legalization, but that’s changing…

Politicians may soon have to take marijuana legalization seriously – Kansas City Star

In our area, the chances of overturning marijuana laws by legislative action seem remote, for now. It’s a tough vote for a politician in an election year.

But change is coming, just the same. Like the dispute over same sex marriage, the public’s attitudes about legal pot appear to be outpacing the views of the legislators they elect.

“We’ve had 80-plus years of failed policy, billions of dollars wasted and untold numbers of lives ruined in the name of controlling a substance that is no more harmful (and probably less so) than alcohol,” one emailer wrote this week. “The Colorado approach is a sane, sustainable policy option.”

State lawmakers will be getting more letters like that, from clear-eyed voters.

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