A blast from the past

This New York Times article from 1997 (thanks, Erowid), is a hoot.

Seductive Drug Culture Flourishes on the Internet

Even as parents, teachers and government officials urge adolescents to say no to drugs, the Internet is burgeoning as an alluring bazaar where anyone with a computer can find out how to get high on LSD, eavesdrop on what it is like to snort heroin or cocaine, check the going price for marijuana or copy the chemical formula for methamphetamine, the stimulant better known as speed.

Teen-agers need only retreat to their rooms, boot up the computer and click on a cartoon bumblebee named Buzzy to be whisked on line, through a graphic called Bong Canyon, to a mail-order house in Los Angeles that promises the scoop on ”legal highs,” ”growing hallucinogens,” ”cannabis alchemy,” ”cooking with cannabis” and other ”trippy, phat, groovy things.” [...]

”We’re really losing the war on the Internet,” said Kellie Foster, a spokeswoman for the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, which hopes to establish its own Web site next month. ”We’ve got to get out there, and we’re not.” [...]

”I’d have to agree that the status quo folks are pretty much being hammered,” said Mark Greer, a director of the Media Awareness Project, which uses the Internet to lobby for the weakening or repeal of drug laws. ”They don’t seem to even be trying to compete with us on the Web.” [...]

A Vast Warehouse Of Misinformation [...]

The Internet also abounds in casual advice like the ”suggestions for first-time users” of ”ecstasy,” a hallucinogenic stimulant that has been found to damage the brains of monkeys in research at Johns Hopkins University.
[there's some irony for you]

Drug policy reformers always owned the internet. Shut out of government and shut out of traditional media outlets, reformers turned to the internet as the fertile ground for reform to take root and flourish.

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