Day: January 6, 2014

A New Year’s Message to All My Friends at NORML

The gravesite closest to President John Kennedy in Arlington belongs to a courageous, but assassinated congressman from Long Island, Allard Lowenstein, who fought many years to bring an end to the Vietnam War. His tombstone reads: “If a man stands his ground and there abides, the whole world will come round to him.” As the four decade long war against cannabis consumers comes to a crashing halt in America, I think of those words today. I think too of the 1960’s folk singer, Phil Ochs, who once penned a remarkable […]

The real argument about morality

Conor Friedersdorf nails it: It Is Immoral to Cage Humans for Smoking Marijuana — in The Atlantic

There are times when locking human beings in cages is morally defensible. If, for example, a person commits murder, rape, or assault, transgressing against the rights of others, then forcibly removing him from society is the most just […]

Open thread

As has been noted in comments, there have been tons more media reaction to the ignorant columns by Brooks and Marcus. If you haven’t watched the Chris Hayes video about his own experience having to do with class privilege in the drug war, you should.

We really should thank David Brooks and Ruth Marcus (and […]